a. Objective
The objective of the market research service is to supply a complete provision of information on specific markets, so that the businessmen can identify the opportunities that the American market offers and lead them to define the bases for the development of a commercial project. Only with complete and reliable information, a foreign can develop their commercial abilities and determine the safest way to enter the US market.

b. Target market
For the market research service the target group of clients with greater potential and the following ones:

 Associations, federations or unions that group big, medium and small companies, which have objectives, to promote exports of to the US market. This service will be supply the detailed information to motivate the affiliated companies, to develop the export market projects.

 The other target groups are big and medium size companies with individual interest to enter the American market. These have to be companies with export market experience in other markets that want to grow their sales.


The Market Research service includes at least the following components of information. By request of the customer it is possible to be included or excluded specific parts of information.

a. Up Dates General facts and figures of the United States Market This first part will show the size of the US as a market. The data included is at least the following:

i. Economy

1. The GDP, as a total and by market segmented by government and private economy
2. Interest rate
3. Inflation
4. Capacity of purchase (per capita income), unemployment, etc.

ii Population

1. Total, and by region of the country
2. Distribution of population per ethnic origin
3. Demographic profile.
4. Regions, states, metropolitan and cities of greater growth.

b. Specific market Presentation requested by the customer
In this point the presentation will focus on the market of special interest for the contracting association or company. The presentation starts by presenting the general aspects of the market and then narrow downs to the specific details niche markets of the association or company that has requested the service. This presentation will generally contain the following parts:

i. Comparison of specific market in comparison with the total economy of the United States. This comparison includes:

1. Growth or decrease of the industry in last the five years

a. Production
b. Consumption

ii Imports and Export of the industry in the last two years

1. Countries of origin and
2. Amounts by country of origin

iii. Regions and states of the United States with greater concentration of

a. Consumption
b. Production

IV Consumer Profile (if it is product of final consumption)

1. Sex
2. Age
3. Origin
4. Income level
5. Familiar group, etc.

c. Description of the Channel of Distribution
This section specializes in presenting how the channel of distribution is conformed and works to make the product arrive from factory, the importer and finally to the consumer or end use). This presentation includes the following information:

i. Functional scheme of the distribution channel, it is a graphic description of how the channel is conformed and the existing relationships among the suppliers (factories and importers) with the wholesalers (distributors, brokers, agents, etc..), the retailers (stores, catalog sale, etc.) and the consumer or end user.

ii Description of participants in the distribution channels. In this section each profile of parties are described including their jobs, responsibilities, profit levels, paying terms and relationships, etc.

iii Profile of main competitors. This section presents the profile description of the main competitors and participants in the market. This information will give a clear view of who are the main contenders the companies will have to work with when they enter the market.

iv. Trade shows and expositions. Detailed information of the most important national and regional specialized expositions take place in the US, and that would be most recommended to display the export products.