Our Supplier Development Service is process that identifies and contacts the best   available supplier for your purchasing form the US market. The process is the following:

1. Identification of suppliers nation wide

The identification of supplier nation wide will be done based on access to information and contacts form the US Commercial Service, Industry and Market  Associations, of which we are members of. We Hill supply the following information of each company.

  • Company’s name
  • Address, phone and fax numbers
  • Web site
  • Top management names
  • Brief of products and services offered
  • Specialty field and if its a manufacturer or distributor

From this data base we Hill jointly select the companies we will process going

2. Quote requests

This second step will design, edit and send quote request to the pre selected supplier from the data base above. Will recommend that the requests send are of  those your company is al ready buying, to be able to compare with your actual  costs, so you can decided which suppliers can give better deals. We will follow up on the requests of quotation to obtain written proposal, which  we will present in a matrix for your review. From this information jointly we will choose the best suppliers based on prices, delivery times and conditions.  Among the chosen ones we will pursue vendor and credit applications. The performance of these two first stages will normally take us form to two to three weeks time.

3. Contact, negotiations and shipments

We also offer our service in during the performance for on going sourcing and purchasing. Based on your specific requirements we will contact each of the  chosen suppliers to request quotation and / or process orders. We will follow up  on each order and will verify the content on arrival to our facilities. This is  essential to avoid product mistakes before shipping internationally. Based on our location at the Miami Free Zone, we have storage, customs broker and freight forwarding services available. The cost of this service will be based on performance and results. We will accommodate to a % of the merchandise bought or a fixed amount per order processed. The payment of merchandise and logistic services will be done directly from your accounts to that of the suppliers. We will invoice you separately in case of additional cost form samples, courtier or any other expenses that will be duly informed ahead of time for your prior authorization.We will be open to review and accommodate to specific sourcing and purchasing requests.