I. Objective

To guide and advise foreign businessmen in the implementation and assembly of business projects in the United States, by means of an agile and effective process, in order to obtain the economic stability of the company in the North American market.

II Objective Group

This service is directed to foreign businessmen who are interested in development of  projects for their companies in the United States.

 The target groups are:
A. Companies in the process of establishing an operation in the US.
B. Companies with an operation recently established and initiating work in the US.
C. Companies with operation established for less than one year, but with poor results.
D. Businessmen that require obtaining L 1, EI or E2 visa renovation within six months.

III Methodology

The “Business Coaching” service is made up of the following elements and methodology of work.

A. Content
A business plan is designed to include the following elements:

a. Revision and definition of a Commercial Strategy: (Which defines or evaluates the way the product or service will be introduced and sold to the North American market).

b. Revision of the company’s structure to define the following elements:

1. Import costs
2. Distribution and logistic costs
3. Operational costs

i. Personnel
ii. Facilities
iii. Technology and equipment
iv. Marketing and promotion of sale

c. Budget:

Based on the previous information, a budget will be developed to include the following elements:
1. Income and sales
2. Debits

i. Cost of merchandise (import or production)
ii. Expenses of personnel
iii. Expenses of administrative and commercial operation

3. Forecast of profit and loss statement
4. Cash Flow
5. Implementation of system of management indices.

d. Implementation of the plan:
A personal support on the implementation of the business plan will be developed to the objectives and actions defined in the previous points of the operation of the company.

e. Follow up and guidance office:
Based on the time table, we will personally follow up and guide the development of the plan, to make sure it will hit the objectives.

f.Immigration performance report:
As part of the service, we will prepare a performance report of the company to present and display the investments, expenses and revenues the company had in compliance with the initial business plan. This will fulfill the request of renovation of visa in to the Department of “Home Land Security”

B. Methodology:
The methodology that will be doing the indicated actions is:

a. Preparatory stage:
In this first stage we will work on points a, b and c of the content. This stage will last of 1 month.
b. Stage of implementation:
In this stage point d of the content will be developed. This stage will take another month.
c. Follow up stage:
In this stage, action on points e and f will take place. The time of this stage will be established according to the work time table that is designed and defined.