a. Objective
The objective of the product validation service is to provide complete information of the physical adjustments and commercial conditions required by the products so they can enter the American market with a good level of competitiveness. A category is a product group as for example in preparation feminine clothes it is a category, another category is infantile clothes and another category is masculine clothes These service identifies and compares products with similar or substitutes products ( services) already sold in the American market.

The validation will avoided that the factory sells and provides products with inadequate construction, prices or conditions that could cause the loss of sales, clients and money.

b. Objective market
For the service, the groups of clients with greater potential of purchase are companies with interest to enter the American market. They can be big or medium size companies with real interest in entering the market in competitive and safe conditions.

Consortiums or cluster of companies are also clients for the service. Special the clusters that organize the participation of their associated companies to participate in trade shows and exhibitions, since they need to prepare them to come to sell in competitive conditions.


The Product Validation service this made up of the following parts:

a. Physical validation
It reviews and compares the physical characteristics of the product and it compares it with products that are already in the US market. The service also identifies the government laws and regulations that the products need to comply with to be sold in the US. This analysis will include the followings points,

i. Measures, dimensions and sizes
II Packaging
III Certification and registry required by the government agencies.

b. Commercial validation

i. Identification of market segments
ii. Identification of main competitors
iii. Competitor analysis of prices and sale conditions.
iiii. Description of distribution channel
iiiii. List of main trade shows and exhibitions
iiiiii. Requirements of import

c. Calculation of import, distribution costs and sale prices

i. Import costs
ii. Distribution costs
iii. Price list calculation to sell in the US market and its comparison with competitors